Even in the midday sun…



…this place is beautiful. From a recent day-trip to my favorite national park, Acadia, this location is commonly known as Boulder Beach, and lies just below the striking and iconic Otter Cliffs. I’m usually photographing this scene at first light when as the sun crests the horizon it almost magically lights up the famous pink coastal Maine granite. In the right conditions, these rocks literally sparkle when low angled light hits them, but on this occasion, the overhead midday sun created a contrasty, but no-less-beautiful, scene. The round rocks, the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, and the chiseled outline of Otter Cliffs can hold their own at any time of the day, and I couldn’t help but photograph what is a favorite place. As I experimented with my iPhone camera while making these images, I turned the phone upside down so that the camera was closer to the ground than normal. This accentuated the foreground elements and helped make a more interesting composition… at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!





6 thoughts on “Even in the midday sun…

    • David Patterson

      I have shot from up there. While the view is stunning, I’ve had limited success pulling a composition that I liked together. Maybe it’s time to go back!

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