One of those places…


… that I just have to stop at every time I pass it. Regardless of the time of day, I always stop at the Adams Bridge which crosses the Bass Harbor Marsh. No matter which direction you are traveling – to, or from, Bass Harbor – after winding around a tight corner, your eyes are hit with this view of the marsh and Western/Manset Mountains in the distance. I always look to see if there’s an interesting reflection, and on this particular morning, the high, wispy clouds in what was a deep blue sky really made the scene pop, so I made them a big part of the composition.

BH BHMarsh1b

11 thoughts on “One of those places…

  1. I love that bridge and the accompanying view. Just be careful if you stop- the traffic sometimes thunders by. I heard of an amateur photographer four or five years ago who was killed walking over the bridge and not paying attention to the road. Beautiful place for sunsets though, especially when the marsh is still.

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