6-24-13 sleepover2

We have puppy-proofed the whole of the downstairs, and we use a baby gate to keep him from wandering where he’s not supposed to go. Oliver isn’t allowed upstairs yet, but lately he’s been more and more curious about where it is that we go when we close the gate behind us at night. Our biggest concern with allowing him upstairs is all of Jack’s toys, especially the piles of Lego, strewn all over his bedroom floor. Probably like most dogs his age, Oliver hasn’t met a sock, sneaker, or stray piece of clothing that he doesn’t want to chew, so that’s another reason to corral him downstairs.

6-24-13 sleepover1

Though we did the whole crate-training thing, he doesn’t sleep in his crate at night any more… we let him have the run of the downstairs (except for the living room), and to date we haven’t had any problems… he’s a good sleeper. Still, we sometimes feel bad about leaving him downstairs on his own at night, so we have a family sleepover in the living room every other weekend. I think he truly appreciates us being close to him, he sleeps through the night like a champ, and he is incredibly well-behaved as he cuddles in beside us in our sleeping bags.

6-24-13 sleepover3


18 thoughts on “Sleep-over

  1. Get him a Kong toy and see if he likes to play and chew on that. Maybe that will help stem the chewing on everything else. I have Kongs for my rescued pit. Those things are indestructible.

    • David Patterson

      Brad… thanks for the advice. We have a couple of Kong toys already, along with several of those big rope knots – definitely good distractors. Honestly though, I think it’s more the thrill of the steal that attracts him… if there’s something he isn’t supposed to have, then that’s what he’ll try and grab. We make sure not to chase him and make it into a game, and we try to ignore him when he steals – but he still does it with a very guilty face 🙂

  2. I remember many years ago looking all over the house for my first Golden puppy Kelsey. I found her in an upstairs bedroom sleeping in a pile of my daughters stuffed animals. I treasure that moment and kinda blurry photo tucked away in a old photo album somewhere. Although Kelsey was not “a stealer dog” from then she would frequently revisit that pile of toys and pick out a favorite bunny with big shiny ears. It famously became known became know as “The Wappy Wabbit” Oh..Out of 5 Sundogs 3 of them are stealers…..but as time goes on the obsession wanes.

  3. My furball quit chewing inappropriately when his adult teeth came in, but even to this day (10yo), continues to be a sock-stealer because he loves the chase game and loves being caught. After a few minutes, he’ll stop and roll over for bellyrubs. It gives me great pleasure to indulge that and see him happy. If it weren’t for “let’s himself be caught”, I wouldn’t though – that’d get annoying fast.

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… seems like it’s just when he wants some attention that he wanders in with something he shouldn’t have. Having said that, he also likes to have something near when he takes a nap. He will grab a shoe – and without chewing on it – just cuddle with it next to him… sort of like a blankie 🙂

      • Dawww, that’s adorable. Makes sense though – shoes (and their owners’ feet) are a familiar smell and it’s probably soothing to have it close by.

        If I take extended trips without my sidekick, which is rare – he almost always comes with, I make sure to leave a couple smelly shirts for him.

  4. lilybug1960

    When we first brought Lily home, I slept beside her crate with the door open to make her feel at home. To this day she uses her crate as a comfort zone. We don’t even have the door on it any more but it is still her “den”. Bailey has graduated to the open door policy and sleeps most of the time in her crate. They love just knowing where we are and of course love it most when we are near them.
    Oliver is a gorgeous boy. You can see he is as much a part of the family as anyone could be!

    • David Patterson

      David… I did the same with Oliver when he first came home. Now I sleep on the sofa probably 3 or 4 times per week to keep him company.

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… we’re about due for another sleepover. I think we’ll wait to get back-to-school taken care of first though.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Alice. Yes, he has grown so fast. Seems like yesterday that I could literally lift him with one hand… now he’s a solid 75lbs!

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