A ship in Ship Harbor…


BH shipharbor6

…sort of. Maybe “ship” isn’t the right terminology to use… maybe it should be boat? Either way, this was a classic Maine summer morning spent on the Ship Harbor Trail in Acadia National Park. After a short walk through an oceanside forest, this trail opens up to the Atlantic, offering incredible views of the Ship Harbor coastline and islands laying offshore in the Blue Hill Bay. Just as we arrived, the lobstermen began pulling their pots, so we chilled for a while watching them work. Sitting on the rocks and enjoying the view, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a better way to start the day.

BH shipharbor7

7 thoughts on “A ship in Ship Harbor…

  1. David, what I love about your pictures is that I feel as if I’m there. Right there, looking at whatever you have photographed. You capture light in such a beautiful way, and immediately I felt at ease viewing that first photo. It really is “a classic Maine summer morning” full of promise and life.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Melissa… I really do appreciate your very kind words. These were made with the iPhone, and although they aren’t from pre-dawn like some of my other “serious” landscape images, I still felt that they were worth sharing.

  2. Hi David, I feel like Melissa I always feel that I’m right there in your picture and I can strength out my hand and I’m right there in the whatever location your at. That you for that. I want to buy a couple of your beautiful photographs but I know I need to sell more of mine first. LOL You take care and give Jack, Oliver, your wife and Chester sorry I don’t your wife’s name and your son who is studying abroad my thanks for sharing you with the rest of us or at least your talent. Have a good week now David and keep taking all those beautiful pictures. Red Sox Lady 35 Kat

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Scott. I usually shoot a scene both ways… landscape and portrait… though most of the photographs I end up liking are in portrait orientation. I think it’s something to do with being able to get an interesting foreground with a wide-angle lens (though this was shot with the iPhone which isn’t very wide).

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