A Land of Wonder


BH Wonderland15

I’ve blogged about this little trail on the quiet side of Acadia National Park before, and for good reason. It’s a short trail – one that is very family friendly – and it’s a place we got in the habit of visiting with Oliver during our recent summer vacation in Bass Harbor. Oliver rises early… usually he’s stirring and gently letting us know he’s awake by about 5:30am. Every morning we would load him up in the car and drive the mile or so to the Wonderland trailhead, and more often than not, the parking lot would be empty and we’d have this little gem of a trail all to ourselves. We were so confident about the solitude, we had no worries letting him off the leash – this is actually where Oliver first learned to swim. Although we encountered foggy conditions on most of our visits, this one particular morning gave us the bluest of blue skies and the warm summer sun felt good on our faces. After what seemed like weeks of cloudy weather, I was happy to finally see the sun and excitedly spent a few minutes scampering over the rocks in search of an interesting foreground… it’s amazing how a wide-angle lens will exaggerate the perspective, and as you can see, I was even photo-bombed by Oliver!

BH Wonderland25

BH Wonderland24

BH Wonderland26

BH Wonderland27

BH Wonderland28

BH Wonderland29

BH Wonderland30

BH Wonderland32

BH Wonderland31

21 thoughts on “A Land of Wonder

  1. David, Is the sky really that azure? Are the rocks always so colorful? The water always so appealing? Oliver so happy? You, always so efulgent? If so, count it all joy, my friend, and thanks for sharing such delightful scenery.

    • David Patterson

      Michael… here in Maine just after first light and with the polarizer dialed in a hair… the sky is indeed that blue and the rocks are that colorful 🙂

  2. Not that you need my backup but I’ll second the sky as that blue and the rocks that colorful. 🙂
    Along with Bubble Pond, Wonderland trail is another required visit when we are at Acadia. I wish I was closer so there was enough time to explore everything about the park besides all the required visits to spots like this. I’ll be there for 6 days in October, so hopefully I can discover another spot or two.
    The last can be titled “X marks the spot” and Oliver looks like a proper model in his photobomb. 🙂

  3. Wonderland is my must hike trail when I’m on that side of MDI. Along with visiting the lighthouse of course. Beech Mountain is also a very nice, moderate hike with great views of Long Pond on one side and the Cranberry Isles on the other.

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