Printing on metal


8-6-13 metalprint

I recently splurged and had the photograph above printed directly onto metal. These days you can have a photograph printed on just about any surface – I’ve experimented with different types of paper, and am a big fan of canvas – but this is the first time I’ve had anything printed on metal, and when I opened the package…  it blew my mind.

The color pops like nothing I’ve ever seen, and the detail rendered makes it feels as if you can walk right into the scene. Almost 3-D, the colors are incredibly faithful to the original file, and without a doubt, this is the most impressive medium I have ever seen a photograph printed on.

The price initially made me swallow hard, but when you consider the cost of printing, matting, mounting and framing a similarly sized paper print, it really isn’t that much more expensive… especially when you consider the serious upgrade in product quality, and the no-hassle ready to hang nature of this type of order. I might not be ready to print everything on metal just yet, but I sure am tempted.

Here’s the original photograph made at the base of Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park last fall. Epic sunrise.

10-15-12 Acadia1 (650px high)


12 thoughts on “Printing on metal

  1. LOL David, the first metal print I recieved I had the same thoughts, mind blowing! I’m very selective to the ones I do but everyone I have the same reaction.

    Where did you have this one done?


    • David Patterson

      Quite something! I had this one done by Aspen Creek Photo -part of West Coast Imaging. Do you have someone local (New England) that you recommend?

  2. David, I’ve been selling my prints on metal for 5 years. With the right image, it is a great way to go. Bay Photo seems to deliver the most constant product I’ve found so far….but I’m always looking. Prices seem about the same as Aspen. Not sure why… but if you check West Coast’s direct pricing on metal, they are higher than Aspen.

    • David Patterson

      West Coast/Aspen Creek came highly recommended by a pro I know. As with most things though, personal experience is the best way to guarantee satisfaction. Apparently with metal prints there’s always the risk of small imperfections making their way onto the final product, so if you can get consistently good results from one particular vendor, then that’s important.

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