Taking a break from Acadia… Oliver update


8-6-13 oliver2

He’s almost a year old already… I can hardly believe how fast the first year with Oliver has flown by. September 24 will be his birthday, and although people told us that he would probably chill out by the time he gets to around two years of age, methinks he’s not too far from there already. For such a young dog, he really is pretty mellow, and he has the sweetest of demeanors around people. He loves to be in the room with us… he doesn’t have to be right next to us, just in the same room, or in the hall where he can open one eye and make sure we’re still there. He’s still enjoying his early morning walks to the golf course, and whenever possible, we hit the links again in the evening for another run. All that fresh air takes a toll on him though, and these pics are pretty much par for the course when we’re back at home.

8-6-13 oliver1

8-6-13 oliver3

8-6-13 oliver4

8-6-13 oliver5


19 thoughts on “Taking a break from Acadia… Oliver update

    • David Patterson

      And me! I call him my diet dog.

      I’m not sure which one of us enjoys our early morning walks together more πŸ™‚

  1. He is beautiful! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of your dog Oliver. We had a beautiful cocker spaniel that passed recently. I know in time after we heal from our loss we will get another dog. I am hoping it will be a golden retriever.

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