Mitchell Cove


BH Lophaus Point1 BW

We spent last Saturday morning checking out what might be a new house for next summer’s vacation in Acadia National Park. We love the Bass Harbor area of Mount Desert Island, and although the house we’ve been renting for the past three years has served us well, we felt it might be time to explore some other options. The location was perfect, with a million dollar view of the lobster boats entering and leaving Bass Harbor, but access to the beach wasn’t ideal, and the shoreline itself was pretty much unusable due to the slippery and often sharp rocks that were unveiled at low tide.

One of the houses we’re considering as an alternative for next summer is located almost directly across the waters of Bass Harbor on Lopaus Point, and as we looked at the property and explored the area, we stumbled upon this little scene. These photographs were made right from the Lopaus Point Road while looking west across a marshy stretch of land toward Mitchell Cove and beyond to the Blue Hill Bay. A part of MDI that is new to us, if we do decide to rent there next summer, it will be exciting to explore and discover fresh and unfamiliar landscapes just like this one.

BH Lophaus Point2 BW

4 thoughts on “Mitchell Cove

  1. Sue Anne Hodges

    There is a book called Roots in the Rocks, written by Charles Child (brother in law of Julia Child) about building his place on Lopaus Point back before WW2 when it was totally undeveloped. It’s pretty interesting. But it’s no longer in print, some libraries have it.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s funny… we were just looking at the Childs’ cottage with the possibility of renting it next summer. Thanks for the book recommendation… my wife Lori is a librarian, so maybe I’ll have her do her thing and help me find it.

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