A quiet little pond in Acadia


BH Bubble pond3

Bubble Pond remains a quiet oasis in the middle of a heavily traveled summer season in Acadia National Park. Perhaps it’s because the tiny little parking lot only holds no more than a dozen cars, or maybe it’s because people are in a hurry to get to a couple of classic park icons about a mile on either side… Jordan Pond to the south and Cadillac Mountain to the north. Whatever the reason, I’m OK with it – this jewel of tranquility can stay quiet forever as far as I’m concerned. In the first image, the setting sun bathes the lower part of the west face of Cadillac in golden light, and in the photograph below you get a simple view of Bubble Pond Bridge, one of the famous Acadia carriage road bridges. It’s August 1st already… where does the summer go?

BH Bubble pond2


10 thoughts on “A quiet little pond in Acadia

  1. I love Bubble Pond, David. Every time I/we visit a hike along the pond is mandatory. The pond itself is so beautiful and most often a source of serenity. As well, I like the gnarled cedars along the path. I had a post last April about two cedars that have joined their airborne roots and will shortly post a tree from there that has actually grown a branch on an open circle for some reason. All over Acadia we can find these interesting cedar features. If you are interested, here is the April posting.

  2. I think the first photo may be one of my favorites of Bubble Pond that you have shared. I hiked over to BP via the Eagle Lake carriage road several times during the winter of “my year in Acadia”. It is amazing during any season!

    • David Patterson

      This is one of those special places that keeps drawing you back to it. I’m determined to get in there this winter when the pond is frozen. I bet it is spectacular then.

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