Kid in a candy store…


BH Wonderland19 BW

… a black and white candy store! These are all from the same foggy morning spent at Wonderland. I didn’t bring a tripod with me, so I was able to be pretty carefree and nimble as I wandered over the rocks and beach looking for interesting compositions. Oliver had just finished his morning swim in the ocean, and he was incredibly patient as I flitted around the rocks looking for something worth photoographing. I couldn’t resist how the fog enveloped the jagged landscape like a heavy, grey blanket, and I especially liked how it made the classic Maine pine trees almost disappear in a shroud of gooey greyness.

BH Wonderland18 BW

BH Wonderland9 BW

BH Wonderland17 BW

BH Wonderland8 BW

BH Wonderland20 BW

8 thoughts on “Kid in a candy store…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Scott. I love how processing in black and white immediately gives you (me) the ability to interpret a scene any way I want.

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