Back into the fog… Wonderland


BH Wonderland10 BW

I cannot imagine how angry and powerful the ocean must have been to arrange these broken, jagged rocks the way it did. Some of these slabs of granite are the size of a kitchen table, yet it looks as though they have been tossed around like little pebbles. Strewn all across the landscape known as Wonderland, I knew when I first set eyes on these rocks that I would want to present the scene as black and white. I hope you like it as much as I do.


8 thoughts on “Back into the fog… Wonderland

  1. Very nice, David. What is all that awesome greyness? There was none of that during my trip in June, unfortunately. Sunny every day. Only a photographer would complain about that. Maybe in October.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Steve… I embraced the fog for the first few days we were there and I definitely came away with some less-than-traditional photographs. Sunny every day is nice for vacation, but I hear you about the lack of drama from the photographer’s perspective. Here’s hoping you get the weather you desire in October!

        • David Patterson

          Wet and foggy for the fall foliage would be nice. I’ve spent some time up on Cadillac in those conditions, and with the red ground cover that we get at that time of year, everything really pops. Then again, maybe at that time of year it isn’t fog… just low clouds 🙂

          • Many years ago when I was not doing photography we went to Acadia because we love it there so much. It was a beautiful drive through the small towns along Rt. 1 and as we went through Searsport we were growing dismayed at the fog bank rolling in which only got thicker as we traveled north. Oh what a fool I was.
            Absolutely, a nice damp fog..or low lying clouds…really can add some natural saturation to everything.

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