Seawall sunset?


BH Seawall3

Yet another foggy sunset… two days into our vacation and I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to see the sun!  Having said that, landscape photographers look for several things when making photographs… an interesting scene of course, good light, and one of the most important components of many good landscape photographs… an interesting sky. Ideally you get to include dramatic clouds with a fiery sunrise/sunset sky in every composition, but since that isn’t always possible, my next favorite type of condition to shoot in is fog… the thicker the better. Luckily there was plenty on hand on this particular evening.

BH Seawall1

People said that bringing a dog into our lives would be the healthiest thing we could ever do, since providing him with adequate exercise would mean that we too would have to get ourselves moving… they were right, and boy does it feel good! Day two of our “summer” vacation in Acadia National Park, and it was time for Oliver’s evening stroll. We’d already covered the two local trails (Wonderland and Ship Harbor) so we decided to go a couple of miles further from the cottage and explore the rocky shoreline of Seawall. On the western side of Mount Desert Island, Seawall is a naturally formed rocky sea wall that offers protection from the Atlantic and great views of Great Cranberry Island. Neighboring a popular wooded campground, this favorite picnicking spot is renowned for the expansive area of shallow tide pools rich in ocean life that become accessible when the tide is low. Oliver had a great time scampering over the wet rocks and exploring all of the salty, stinky smells uncovered by the wet conditions, and we enjoyed sharing our somewhat subdued Seawall sunset with him.

BH Seawall2

14 thoughts on “Seawall sunset?

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Stephany… have to admit I’m growing to love the foggy conditions myself, though a little sunshine now and again would be appreciated.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. Almost on my belly for that last one trying to get as low as I could. Don’t worry, plenty of Oliver pics coming 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… I guess it’s like any kind of weather… a little variety goes a long way. Nice photo by the way.

  1. Hi David, I hope tomorrow when you get up you will not only have a great sunrise but an awesome sunset. I love all of the pictures you have taken so far. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. I’m a couple of days ahead of the blog. Home now, and we did get one nice day right at the end of the week.

  2. Reagan K Reynolds

    The photo of the golden retriever is absolutely breathtaking. What a beautiful animal. The golden yellow-browns really burst in the foreground against the fog and the grey. Goldens always seem so hearty and wise, don’t they?
    Lovely work.

    • David Patterson

      Reagan… thanks for stopping by and for leaving the very kind comment. No worries on your comment being in the wrong place. Just in case anyone is wondering, Reagan is talking about the photo of Oliver found here:

      Oliver is our first dog, but already I totally get your point about the breed being so hearty and wise. He only just turned 9 months, but Oliver definitely seems like a wise old soul already. He’s our baby 🙂

  3. Reagan K Reynolds

    I’m sorry, somehow my comment ended up on the wrong post! I meant to comment on the post before this one.

  4. Dogs, stories and pictures – all good for life and part of the human experience. Very interesting to read your experiences and see you pictures, Thank you for your perspective and it is nice to see your dog’s perspective too in the l;ast picture. Enjoy your vacation – sun or not!!!

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