The fleet at rest…



So… I had grand plans to do some landscape photography while spending time in Acadia, but so far the weather has been somewhat uncooperative. It seems like on any day the weather is decent, the clouds roll in right on cue to deny any good evening light, and as for the early mornings… well, let’s just say my camera isn’t entirely waterproof, and with the rain comes far from ideal light. The end result… slim pickings so far, but the weather over the next couple of days is supposed to brighten up.

7-9-13 barharbor2

Fingers crossed I can get out with the camera a bit more, but in the meantime, here are a couple from a foggy evening spent in Bar Harbor. If you’ve ever been to Bar Harbor, you will know how strong the draw of the oceanfront is as you walk down the hill toward Agamont Park and the harbor. On this particular evening, the pull was even stronger. The fishing fleet was anchored and resting for the night, and there was a remarkable misty calm laying over the water like a soft and soothing blanket.

7-9-13 barharbor3

10 thoughts on “The fleet at rest…

  1. I’m glad that your feeding your drive for art. It makes you happy, I know; I like it too. Your photos are beautiful. But now, I’m starting to expect just a tiny bit of an Oliver fix…. He moves beyond beauty into pure joy.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Michael… the weather has been iffy to say the least. Not quite foggy enough to make it interesting, and not quite stormy enough to make the clouds worth photographing. I’m hoping the last couple of days this week bring better conditions.

      PS. I just browsed your web site… very nice indeed 🙂

  2. Hi David, I love these pictures of the boats I love seeing what your seeing it makes the art more personal to you and for the rest of us. I am having a missing Oliver pictures but I know I will see them soon. Have a great weekend and maybe the mist will clear and we can get to see more of the area…..good luck David.

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