The Bagaduce River


6-15-13 Penobscot1

The pretty little village of Penobscot lies quietly on the edge of Northern Bay along the Bagaduce River in Maine. On a recent visit to the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park we stopped off here to walk in the local park and enjoy the vibrant display of freshly bloomed Lupine and Beach Rose that lined the shore. June in Maine is a wonderful time of the year… the temporary crowds haven’t quite arrived yet, but summer and all of the goodness that it brings is here for us to enjoy.

6-15-13 Penobscot4

6-15-13 Penobscot2

6-15-13 Penobscot3

10 thoughts on “The Bagaduce River

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. This was another one of those scenes where I hit the brakes and turned around to make a photograph.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks and good luck with your new blog.

      FYI… no need to link directly to your blog. It’s kind of tacky to do so.

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