Dog pix


6-10-13 oliver1

6-10-13 oliver9

6-10-13 oliver10

6-10-13 oliver7

6-10-13 oliver4

6-10-13 oliver11


7 thoughts on “Dog pix

  1. David, your Oliver seems to have finally grown into his feet. LOL He looks a little wet has it been raining or did he get into some water somewhere. Have a great day my friend. I’ll be waiting for your next set of pictures of your animals or what ever your fantasy might be. Kat

    • David Patterson

      He’s a big looking dog. Everyone always remarks about how big he’s going to be when he grows up, but I think he’s done growing height wise… he’s just a stocky little guy.

  2. I have nominated your blog for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award.” I hope you will accept because it is given in recognition for your excellent work. Please visit my post to view the rules and responsibilities for accepting. Keep up your excellent blogging!
    Smiles. . . . namate . . .Anne

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