Smelly dog


6-6-13 oliver3

Oliver looks forward to his 5:30am daily walk on the golf course… and so do I. We have our pre-walk routine down pat, and he of course knows exactly where we’re going, so there’s no need for any coaxing by me. We have everything timed so as to avoid the not-so-nice dogs we might meet along the way (some are nicer than others), and we usually have the place pretty much all to ourselves. Oliver loves to chase the tennis ball, especially when it rolls through the wet grass and the morning dew spirals off it like a firework. He’s funny though… at first I just thought he was being clumsy when he would take a tumble and roll over after catching the ball, but now I’m not so sure. There are definitely times when he’s moving so fast that he can’t help himself as his momentum keeps him from stopping, but no matter how fast or how slow I throw the ball – and ever since he heard me laughing when he does it – I think he now does his little rollover on purpose every single time. It always gets a laugh from me, and he seems quite happy to put on a show.


A by-product of Oliver’s acrobatic performances chasing the tennis ball is that he comes back from his walk absolutely soaked. Most of the time he’s just wet, but sometimes he’s dirty as well. Initially I thought about avoiding our playtime activities and trying to keep him somewhat drier and cleaner, but if you saw how much fun this kid has chasing the ball and rolling around on the grass, you would understand how I’ve thrown that logic out the window and now just consider it the best thing ever!

When we get back home, he trots straight to where the hose is attached to the side of the house, and he stands incredibly patiently as I hose his feet and belly down. We then hop up onto the front porch where he lies down and lets me take the towel to him. He’s a hairy dog, so no matter how well I get him dried off with the towel, until we get him brushed out, he’s also a smelly dog. But he’s our smelly dog 🙂

6-6-13 oliver2


15 thoughts on “Smelly dog

  1. I love that guilty look i his eyes now that you’re telling on him! Oh, yes, that wet dog odor. Marcos was never a dog who played much at least not by the time we “met each other.” But he didn’t mind walking in drizzly weather. Luckily i found out he didn’t mind wearing a raincoat. We may have looked dorky but the house didn’t smell!

    • David Patterson

      As I write this while sitting on the back steps, he’s rolling around jn the damp grass trying to cool off after our evening walk 🙂

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