Seagull’s Nest


5-27-13 acadia1

At one end of Boulder Beach, opposite from the famous and iconic Otter Cliffs, lies a special little cluster of granite rocks. It’s a spot that many visitors have probably admired the view from, and it’s a place that we always make sure to spend some time at. A very short walk through the woods via a social trail gets you to this incredibly tranquil and sheltered overlook. On one of Jack’s first visits to Acadia, he discovered this “secret” location and named it “Seagull’s Nest”. It was great to be back in Acadia National Park again… I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is.

5-27-13 acadia2


7 thoughts on “Seagull’s Nest

  1. Wonderful place and I love Jack’s name for the place. I wish I could come to Maine to see first hand what you are taking picture of. Maybe one day I can. Have a wonderful day David. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Memorial Day. Kat

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