We call them the “red” tees….


5-20-13 jack4

…and not the “ladies” tees as some might.

Lately, Jack and I have been hitting the driving range and the putting green maybe three times each week, and as you might imagine, the little guy has been getting better and better. He has a very natural, long and smooth swing, and all he needs are a few lessons to get his grip and stance etc. squared away correctly to begin with. We’ve signed him up for lessons at The First Tee golf camp this summer, but there’s no holding him back at the moment.

He wants to go to the course every day after school, and needless to say he has been itching to get out onto the real golf course. Up until this evening, I’d been stressing the need to practice so that he would be ready when we did eventually tee off. While I love hitting balls and putting (and I think he does too), I could sense that he was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to play real golf. We’ve hit plenty of range balls, we’ve worked on our short game and putting, and we’ve even eaten in the clubhouse grill… I don’t think there’s anything he doesn’t like about hanging out at the course! So, understanding his desire to hit the links, I promised him that the next evening it wasn’t raining, I’d take him out to play. Here he is teeing off for the very first time… and yes, he hit an absolute rope down the fairway.

Every evening I take Oliver for a walk on the golf course right around when the sun goes down. Anyone who’s still playing on the course is usually somewhere on the back nine and certainly nowhere near the first six holes or so. We have the place all to ourselves, and Oliver has himself a grand time running and chasing the tennis ball. Even after the sun sets, there’s usually another 45 minutes or so before it gets really dark, and as I was wandering the empty course one evening, I realized that this would be the perfect time to bring Jack out to play golf. While he’s still learning, what better way to enjoy the course… with no-one in front of or behind us, we could take our time and not have to worry about how long we took to play, or how many shots we made. I asked in the pro shop if we could pay for nine holes each and split it over two visits, and they were more than happy for us to do that. Nine holes of golf would probably have been too much for him in one shot, so we set out to tackle holes 1 – 4 of the Kelly Nine.

5-20-13 jack3

I needn’t have worried at all about him making the transition from the range to the course. He hit the ball superbly, and totally understood the concept of keeping score in an honorable way. We talked about how he wasn’t competing against me, but rather against himself and the course, and how he would continue to get even better with more practice. We talked about being aware of certain aspects of etiquette such as not talking while someone was swinging, how to decide whose turn it was to hit, and why, if you swing and miss, it still counts. He was fastidious about replacing his divots, especially after I explained to him that those who replace their divots get favorable bounces of trees. He used all of the clubs in his bag at some point, and once he got up around the greens, he displayed a deft touch for someone who had never been on a golf course before. We both had a blast, and I can’t wait to hit the course again with my new golfing buddy.

5-20-13 jack5


15 thoughts on “We call them the “red” tees….

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Stephen. His last tee shot of the day was his best. Golf has a funny way of rewarding you at the end of the round… just to make sure you are excited about coming back again.

  1. Great video and photos. Jack has a beautiful natural swing, and I love that you are teaching him course etiquette. I saw that in the video when he replaced his divot. He’s delightful and a fine tribute to his parents! Well done.

  2. Hi David, looks like you have a good golf player on your hands and before long he’ll want to live on the course. LOL I love his swing. It looks like he has been playing golf all his life. You must be so proud of him. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks for continuing to share your family with the rest of us.
    Red Sox Lady 35

    • David Patterson

      I can imagine getting him a junior membership next year and him walking down to the course any time he wants to play.

    • David Patterson

      He has a long, smooth swing, and after a couple of lessons from someone who knows what they’re doing, I think he will be pretty good.

    • David Patterson


      I’m not sure if you’re being serious, but just in case… there’s no backhanded slight to women golfers here. The red tees actually are the ladies tees, plain and simple. As for the dog photographs… well, you’ll get no apology for that here. If the content on this blog isn’t your cup of tea, then move along and find something that you are interested in somewhere else. If you’re not being serious, then chalk my response up to Internet miscommunication šŸ™‚

  3. Love that last shot, what great form. I took golf lessons many years ago and was told at the end of my last session “not to take this game too seriously”, which I believe translated to: “you are really bad at this game”. So I went and bought a camera and everything turned out just fine. šŸ™‚

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. Golf is a great game jn that you will NEVER master it. Though there’s so much to learn, what I especially enjoy about it is the pace, the way you can keep good company, and the chance to spend time outdoors doing something that you enjoy. Sort of like landscape photography…

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