Blue Fog


5-11-13 foggy trees

When you’re up early, you see things most people don’t get to see. The scene above presented itself at 5:40am as Oliver and I started out on our pre-dawn walk. Most of the time, this is just another stand of trees trying to green up for the summer, but on this particular morning, it was transformed into a fog-shrouded and magical landscape with trunks and limbs intertwined and seemingly stretching forever. In fact, the morning fog was so thick, that as we continued our walk, the sun never did win the battle to break through and make an appearance, but the soft light generated made for some unusual views of usual places.

5-11-13 foggy trees2

9 thoughts on “Blue Fog

  1. David, Love the Blue Fog I think I have only seen it once and it was up north in Indiana at the lake during the month of I think it was early around 5 or almost 6 in the AM when I was sitting on a dock chair watching the water go by and the fish jumping. Which was really cool at that time…I had my camera with me but it was in the house. After that morning I took my camera everywhere with me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and talent with the rest of all. Kat

  2. Photographing in fog is a nice thing – and specially the last one of yours here is very fine.
    We have nice and warm weather here in DK now with lovely colors from new leaves and flowers πŸ™‚

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Truels. I love photographing in the fog… the light can be quite special. It’s almost summer here too. After a long, cold winter it’s nice to see the colors again.

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