Woof… woof!


4-29-13 oliver8

Here he is… the awesomest dog on the planet! We just had part of our back yard fenced in so Oliver can have the freedom to roam a little while still staying safe. Up until this point, anytime he went outside it was always on the leash, and unfortunately for him, there was always a human on the other end dictating where he went.ย Like most families, we spend a lot of time in the back yard, especially in the summer months, and we weren’t comfortable letting Oliver loose back there without any way of keeping tabs on his whereabouts. We don’t intend to leave him out there on his own… but we wanted him to be able to wander around back there when we’re out too – within reason.ย So, we invested in a 4 ft high, pretty, wooden picket fence, and now we can all spend time in the back yard again sans leashes or worries about someone running off to greet a neighbor. We also had a gate with a tightly wound spring installed… that way if anyone forgets to close the gate – or leaves it open momentarily – it will automatically close and keep Oliver safely protected in the confines of the back yard. These photographs of course aren’t from our back yard… they’re from this spring and another early morning spent wandering the local golf course.

4-29-13 oliver5

4-29-13 oliver9

4-29-13 oliver6

4-29-13 oliver11

4-29-13 oliver10

4-29-13 oliver7


30 thoughts on “Woof… woof!

    • David Patterson

      The new fence makes all the difference in the world when we want to hang out in the back yard. He seems to just want to be with us wherever we are, and the fence makes that possible outside (without having to tie him up or keep him on the leash all the time).

  1. He can’t jump over a 4 ft fence? I’ve caught a few fence jumpers in my day, and kept them until their owners could be located. When a female is in season, they can jump over anything!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. With a 9 year old and his friends running in and out we kinda had to do what we could to make sure the gate stays closed.

  2. so many thoughts – such slow fingers!
    Fence – I also had a fence put up when Marcos became part of the household. It was expensive but the best investment ever – especially when it snowed!
    Olover’s maturity. It’s been so rewarding to watch his growth. I was in Manhattan today in the Flatiron district, walking behing the most adorable friendly Australian shepherd puppy. She was very insistent about wanting to meetus so her guardians slowed up until we caught up. I learned she was only 3 months old. We stopped to browse in a store then continued on towards Union Square only to find she and her human had only progressed three blocks since they had to keep stopping so many times to “talk ” to people. Who says New Yorkers are unfriendly? We in NYlove our dogs! But then you know that, don’t you?

    • David Patterson

      We feel as though the new fence will be a good investment. Oliver is such a social little guy, I just know that without it he would tear across the street to say hello to a neighbor (or even a stranger!).

  3. David, Now that you have your back yard fenced Oliver can go outside with a human behind him with a leash and enjoy himself and when he gets tired of running around he can lay down and take a load off. Thanks again for sharing Oliver with the rest of us. Kat

    • David Patterson

      That’s funny! In an attempt to “clean” things up in the space against the house, we brought some pebbles in to cover what had been a scrubby area. Oliver kinda likes to move those rocks around so he can get to the cool, damp soil underneath. He makes himself comfortable, so it looks like he and Tucker have something in common ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. HI David you have a very nice blog going on here – i am a follower already- all who love dogs are friends of mine! I love Maine too, pls keep up with the photos posts – they are beautiful.

  5. Welcome to the world of semi-freedom in your newly fenced back yard, Oliver. It’s not quite as fabulous as the wide-open spaces of your golf course, but it sure beats having to take care of your human on the other end of a leash. Love your new photos. You’re growing up so quickly and becoming quite handsome!

    • David Patterson

      Oliver says “Thank You” for the compliment. He does seem to really enjoy his new found freedom, especially when he digs in the rocks under the stairs looking for somewhere cool to lie down – unfortunately that also means he gets just a little bit dirty ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tom

    Just saw Oliver on Daily Puppy and followed him here to your blog. We have a five year old female Golden we call Maya. She came into our lives when she was about three years old, so we missed the puppy fun. Oliver is such a handsome fellow and a credit to the wonderful breed called Golden. “Kind and gentle” is a breed characteristic for these wonderful dogs and Maya is no exception. I believe it is innate with them and shows in the smallest things they do. Taking a treat from your hand, or example, most dogs go for the treat with abandon. Maya approaches your had gingerly and with great care not to scratch with her teeth.
    Oliver is lucky to have such a loving home and family. Your lucky to have him, of course. I hope you have many happy and healthy years together.

    PS.. wonderful photos also

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Tom. I totally agree with you on the gentle nature of this breed (not that I have much dog experience to go on mind you), and I smiled when you mentioned how softly Maya takes a treat… Oliver is just the same way ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. David,
    I’ll admit that Oliver is pretty darn special, and your photographs of him are simply magnificent. However, I may take issue with your assessment of him being the best! When our Westie, Carson, rescued us via the puppy mill, the rescue folks interviewed us and made sure we had a decent home for him. As soon as they saw our large fenced back yard, they said, “Your Westie is gonna love your yard “. And, they were right. Carson loves it so much that he digs in it, runs on it, lays on it, tries to escape from it, etc., etc. Bottom line is this: Oliver is one happy pooch-yard or no yard-and you and your family are one happy group to enjoy such a great animal. Congrats to all.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Michael. We feel very lucky to have Oliver in our life (and yard). Your little guy sounds like a lot of fun!

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