Morning Frost


4-29-13 tree

I walk past this tree every morning as Oliver and I make our way around the local golf course in the pre-dawn light. On this particular morning the warm sunrise colors helped silhouette the stark branches which are about to burst back into life after what has been an especially long winter, and I figured maybe I should make a photograph. Though we are now into the month of May, our mornings are still cold here in Maine, and the overnight frost leaves a beautiful carpet of sparkling ice draped all across the landscape. Oliver loves to run with his nose pressed right up against the white-tipped and frosted blades of grass, and I love to watch as he so gleefully soaks up his surroundings.


19 thoughts on “Morning Frost

  1. Tony Mourkas

    Take a picture of this tree every couple weeks or so from the same angle and after a year assemble your images into a collage.

  2. Lovely photo. I was also going suggest that you do a series through the seasons for this tree. This winter has been unusually long in South Louisiana, too. We had record lows this past weekend and had to turn the heat on. Very unusual. This time last year, we were in the 90s and setting record highs. Crazy!

    • David Patterson

      We usually don’t see temperatures in the 90s except for maybe a few days each year. It’s just as well, since we don’t really have much air conditioning around these parts.

      • We have some friends who spend time each summer in Maine. The hotter our summers get and the older she gets, the more my human mommy thinks she may join them. I hope I get to come along. 🙂

        • David Patterson

          Oliver isn’t too sure about the warmer weather. All he has known is the snow, so he’s always trying to stay cool.

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