Oliver update


4-23-13 oliver1

Oliver just turned 7 months of age, so I figured it was time to provide a little update on his progress. These are from a recent late April frosty morning walk on the golf course. Now that the snow is gone, we have to get out before the golfers get going, so most of our visits begin even before the sun comes up. Gone are the days of riding to the course in the car… now we walk there like a big boy, and he just loves when I unclip his leash and let him run. He’s a solid 60 lbs now, and he’s a stocky little thing. I’m not sure how tall he is going to get, but that’s OK… we love him just how he is. He looks redder in these photographs than he really is… the early light did a number on the color of his coat, but he’s more of a lighter, blonde color in reality. By now the familiar snow cover is long gone, and we’re enjoying exploring all the fresh and wonderfully wet smells of spring. He does a super job of coming when called, and when it comes to walking beside me on the leash… he’s a champ. He walks ever so politely, and is an absolute joy to spend time with. I use the Nike app on my iPhone to track our walks, and we’re routinely knocking out walks of 3+ miles twice per day. He and I walk together in the morning, and we’ve been doing family walks in the evening. As an added bonus, I call him my diet dog 🙂

PS. May the fourth be with you!

4-23-13 oliver2

4-23-13 oliver3

4-23-13 oliver4

4-23-13 oliver5


10 thoughts on “Oliver update

  1. Shelley

    Gorgeous! Can’t tell you how much alike he is when compared to his “Calgary Cousin” Rufus!!!

    Love your blog!


  2. Hi David,
    I agree with you about the Golden being on good looking dog but he is also a good rescue dog. Oliver seems to be growing by leaps and bounds does he. What the heck to you feed him.LOL

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