Duck Brook Bridge


I’m waiting for things to green up around here… Duck Brook Bridge and the stream that runs under it (not surprisingly called Duck Brook!) is a great place to spend some time in the fall. It’s one of those elusive spots in Acadia National Park where the foliage color really pops, and almost as a bonus, there’s a pretty cool waterfall that adds another element to the scene. Not on the more popular tourist trail within Acadia, this location is literally only minutes from the hustle and bustle of Bar Harbor. I was attracted to the classic Acadia carriage road sign that pointed toward the bridge, and although the colors were nice in the late morning sun, I opted to once again present the scene as a black and white. From another time, below are some of the awesome fall colors that can be found along the the brook.


9 thoughts on “Duck Brook Bridge

  1. Lovely suggestive atmosphere about that black and white – glad you made that choice as it says so much more, and a great counterpoint with the colour below. Mmmmmm..!

      • It’s carriage roads the whole way around, and for Acadia, relatively level hiking. What I like about it is the variety of landscape that you see. The water lilies are especially pretty in the summer months. It is a pretty popular biking route in season, so stay alert. If you take the Paradise Hill loop, there are beautiful views of Frenchman’s Bay.

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