The best of friends


3-23-13 oliverandchester7

Oliver and Chester are quite the pair. When Oliver first arrived in our home, he was about the same size as Chester, but that has all changed rather quickly. Oliver is now a whopping 55 lbs of silly puppyhood, but he and Chester are still the best of friends… most of the time. As you can see, there are some quiet times spent together, but there are also times when they really get going and the house starts a-rocking.

3-23-13 oliverchester1

As with most friends, these two like to play, chase, and run together. Oliver will usually be the one to instigate things by nipping at Chester’s tail, or sometimes he’ll throw a soft chew toy at him in an attempt to get him to play. I’m not entirely sure how, but Chester usually stays pretty calm, though he’s always primed and ready to take a swipe at Oliver if things gets too crazy. When things get really out of hand, the rug in the dining room will need to be re-adjusted from their constant high-speed circling of the table. They’ll take turns chasing each other, and it’s quite funny to see a less than nimble 55 lb dog back-tracking to avoid razor-sharp claws.


Oliver is smart enough to know that Chester can pack quite a punch, and it’s comical to watch him bob and weave like a prize fighter as he tries to avoid getting snagged. If things get too heated, Chester is no mug – he knows when to call it quits. When he’s had enough, he darts through the cat flap door and down into the safety of the basement. Oliver will stand at the cat flap peering into the darkness whining softly – he’s left wondering where his buddy went, and why he doesn’t want to play anymore. May they always be best of friends.

3-23-13 oliverandchester5

3-23-13 oliverandchester8

3-23-13 oliverandchester4


24 thoughts on “The best of friends

    • David Patterson

      Chester merely tolerates Oliver when the puppy wants to play, but when Oliver slows down, they do much better together.

  1. Whoever said dogs and cats don’t get along obviously never had one of each. My cats got along with Marcos, Marceau better than Marcel but even those two had an understanding. And as you can testify, the understanding is the cat has the final say. Now that Marcos has passed on the cats have the house to themselves and like you I find myself rearranging the rugs a lot.

      • Hi David, Is it finally getting springtime up where your at yet? I think here at home it has skipped Spring and went straight into summer and tomorrow we are expecting a cold front to come in…crazy weather but you know what they say about Texas weather if you don’t like wait 5 minutes cause it is bound to change. LOL Have a good week my friend and take some good pictures I enjoyed the one from today Cobberstone Bridge.

        • David Patterson

          After a gray and cool stretch of about 3 weeks we’re now enjoying a week of mid 60s and sunshine. I’m sure it will get colder again before the summer arrives, but it sure does feel good to be out of winter.

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