4-21-13 jack golf1

I’ve spent so much time walking the golf course with Oliver this winter, it feels as if I now know every inch of the landscape intimately. This winter we hiked just about every fairway from tee to green, and although there was often a foot of snow on the ground and golf season seemed an eternity away, it still felt good to explore the course. I used to play a lot of golf when I was younger, but these past few years there just doesn’t seem to have been time. That’s all going to change though, since we bought Jack his own set of golf clubs for his ninth birthday, and he and I are planning to spend some time playing together.

4-21-13 jack golf3

On a sunny, but distinctly cool, late April afternoon, (don’t let his Adam Scott inspired purposefully chosen but woefully under-dressed for the weather attire fool you) we made our first trip to the course to try out his new clubs. He’s a smart little guy, and it didn’t take long for him to start exploring the intricacies of the game of golf. On the putting green, he quickly and intuitively made adjustments to the line and length of his putts, and on the driving range he demonstrated a naturally free and loose swing that is destined to get better with instruction and practice. We only live about a quarter of a mile from the local course, so I can already imagine him walking down to the course and spending time on the driving range and putting green improving his game. Can’t say I’m not excited about having the opportunity to play more golf, and what better way to enjoy it than with my little guy!

4-21-13 jack golf2


2 thoughts on “Fore!

  1. David…love the photos and love the story of your upcoming time with Jack on the golf course. One of the best things I did as a dad was to start my guys skiing. Some of our best talks were on very cold ski lifts on various mountains around the U.S. Happy putting!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ed! I’m looking forward to spending time on the golf course with Jack, and helping him learn the game. There’s something to be said about slowing down and finding time to talk, and golf certainly allows for that.

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