An ocean view, Acadia National Park


4-9-13 Gull Rock Acadia

The Ocean Path runs along the Acadia coast from Sand Beach to Otter Cliffs, and anyone who’s ever wandered this way will probably recognize this view. The sun comes up pretty early in these parts during the summer, and to prove that point, this image was made at 5:26:36 am on July 7, 2011 – my guess is that the sunrise on this particular morning was scheduled for something earlier than 5:00am! At this time of year along this part of the rugged and spectacular coast, the sun takes its time climbing up and over Great Head, but when it does eventually succeed in pushing the shadows away, that Acadia granite really starts to glow! A sheer drop of more than 60 feet down to the ocean from where I was perched left me feeling a little uncomfortable, but despite that, I can’t think of a better way to greet the day.


11 thoughts on “An ocean view, Acadia National Park

    • David Patterson

      I’v stopped by Thunder Hole quite a few times, and although it’s an impressive sight at the right time, I’ve yet to come away with a photograph I like. Just to the left of Thunder Hole though… there lies one of my favorite Acadia coves.

  1. Breathtaking shot with shadows and vivid earthtones. I love when sunlight creates the perfect scene. All lit or all in the shadow would look and feel entirely different. You captured the precise moment extremley well, David. The perspective is terrific, too.

  2. I love this path but I can honestly say I’ve never experienced it quite so early in the day. I’m not a morning person at all, but I’m glad you made the effort. This is a beautiful image.

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