4-2-13 spooky6

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it… but we have a famous neighbor, and when Oliver and I recently adjusted our morning walking route, we ended up going right past his rather unique and spooky house. As we approached the locked, wrought iron gates, I noticed Oliver taking a second glance at the bat-topped, spider web styled pattern on display, and I could tell that he was a little unnerved. Who could blame him?

4-2-13 spooky2

This also happens on Sunday evening walks when people have placed their garbage cans out on the street for pick up the next morning… the big black shadowy shapes that weren’t there earlier in the day seem to make him a tad bit nervous. I always talk him through those scary moments, and to help shift his focus, I offer him a bite of apple. Back to our spooky neighbor’s house… we paused momentarily on the sidewalk in front, and as we sat there enjoying our apple and slowly relieving the tension, I started to tell Oliver the story of a Pet Sematary…

4-2-13 spooky4


13 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. Andrew Thomas

    I used to be a big fan for a long time…..and I recognised those gates when you posted your pics….I always thought they looked a bit ominous! Thats a great capture of Oliver staring at them…was there something he spotted in the window, perhaps?
    No doubt you have the famous neighbour over for dinner around halloween….?!!
    cheers Andrew

    • David Patterson

      Andrew… our famous neighbor has been seen around town a few times. His celebrity is actually pretty well protected by us locals… we send the tourists seeking directions to his house the wrong way 😉

  2. David I love this house it makes think of Vincent Price doing all those spooky movies—and Hitchcock and the birds…just down right scary but kool but you and Oliver found a cool house I would live in it even if it was haunted…how about that…thanks David for sharing.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… not sure if this place is haunted or not, but I do know there have been some crazy stories concocted here.

  3. Wasn’t he almost killed once, a victim to a traffic accident while out walking his dog on those roadways?
    You gotta be careful there or it might be more than just the Pet Cemetery!

  4. Ok David, my powers of deductive reasoning have me thinking I know who your famous neighbor is. I applaud your (and your fellow downeasters’) efforts to protect him. In fact, if my thoughts are correct, I’m reading something he wrote right now. If Mr. Mysterious’ wife is named Tabitha, then I think I’ve got it.

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