Morning colors


3-24-13 schoodic5

No clouds to add drama, but a sweet and colorful gradient in the sky made for a glorious morning spent on the coast of Maine. I goofed a little by dialing the polarizer in too much – you can see the patch of abnormally deep blue sky in the upper right center – and to be honest, I had completely forgotten that the polarizer was even on my lens. I was focused on composing the foreground and didn’t pay enough attention to the rest of the frame. Oh well… lesson learned.

25 thoughts on “Morning colors

  1. Good morning, David,
    i wish I knew enough to know when my polarizer was producing a not-so-desireable effect! Your explanation helps me understand the photograph better. I really like the perspective of this shot.

    • David Patterson

      Michael… the polarizer is one of the few filters I actually use, and it can be a very useful accessory. When used appropriately, it can remove glare or reflections, cut through haze, and deepen the saturation of colors. I had no business even using one in this situation, but I forgot that it was on my lens from the last time I was out shooting. That big blue blotch in the upper middle right of the sky is the result 😦

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