Oliver’s Ridge


3-22-13 olivers ridge1

There’s a little piece of land behind the first green, and before you reach the second tee, on our local golf course that Oliver absolutely loves. We know how much he likes to visit this spot, so when out for an early morning walk, we always try and work it into our route. It’s really no more than a piece of waste ground where dirt has been piled up and left to be reclaimed by mother nature. It’s a forgotten area that becomes overgrown with long grass in the summer, but throughout this past winter, it has been like catnip to Oliver. As soon as he gets close, he charges off and runs up and over and around it like a madman with his nose on high alert. There is definitely something in the grass that sets him off, and it’s quite comical to see him react the way he does. I guess it’s the retriever in him, and boy does he enjoy chasing through the brush and longer grass. It’s a nondescript location to most everyone else, but we call this special little place Oliver’s Ridge.

3-31-13 olivers ridge

3-22-13 olivers ridge3

3-22-13 olivers ridge2


16 thoughts on “Oliver’s Ridge

    • David Patterson

      These photographs were from our mid-March snowstorm that dropped 1 foot of snow – luckily most of that has already melted.

  1. David, looks like a great place a dog and his master to interact and just enjoy each other and the weather whether it is cold or hot. I know Oliver looks like he is having the time of his young life and who knows maybe that grass is a little like catnip for a dog. LOL Have a great day and I hope you and your family had a great Easter and a great All April Fool’s Day. Kat

  2. Inspired and pretty

    What a wonderful way to start my day by looking at this video. He’s having so much fun, it made me laugh 🙂 And the photos are beautiful !

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