A dog running around in the snow


3-20-13 oliver14

I’m probably tempting the weather gods by saying this, but hopefully I won’t be posting many more photographs with snow in them until next winter. Well… at least that’s what I’m hoping, as I gleefully sit here and watch the last of the latest 15 inches or so from a recent storm melt away. As much as I have enjoyed having Oliver experience a snowy winter, I’m past ready for some warmer temperatures.

Despite my desire to see the end of the snow, there’s nothing more fun to watch than a Golden Retriever puppy bounding through a foot of fresh powder. So without further ado… here he is… Oliver the snow-loving, glove-stealing, still needs-lifted-into-the-car after a long walk puppy dog! And as a special bonus… a rare sighting of me in front of the camera (with my handsome dog of course).

3-20-13 oliver21

3-20-13 oliver22

3-20-13 davidandoliver2


7 thoughts on “A dog running around in the snow

  1. David, great shots…when someone gets a shot of you please be looking at the camera. LOL Can’t wait to get some pictures of the starting of spring for you sake and Oliver’s even though he loves the snow. Kat

  2. David,
    You may not know this, but you are developing an addiction! I should know, as I can’t stop shooting Carson. This group of frolicking pooch pics are simply superb. Sheer joy! The photo quality is so crisp, I feel like I was right there when your camera captured each movement.

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