Back in the saddle…


3-24-13 schoodic5BW2

Here’s how my Sunday morning went… after sleeping in the living room so that my 4:00am alarm wouldn’t wake anyone, I took Oliver out for a tinkle, put him into his crate, and then hopped in the car and headed down to Acadia to photograph the sunrise. That’s right, I made a landscape photograph… one that does not include a dog!

3-24-13 schoodic4BW

Let me backtrack a little though… I always feel a pang of guilt when I ask Oliver to “go to bed” and enter his crate – I just have to say those words and he scampers toward his crate – and even though he always does so willingly, still, I wouldn’t want to be all alone like he is most nights. Those big puppy dog eyes look so sad as you turn out the light and walk away to go upstairs, but maybe I’m over-thinking things. Maybe he’s quite happy for some quiet time on his own?

3-24-13 schoodic10BW

What I do know, is that when we have sleepovers in the living room and he’s allowed to stay with us, he’s a very happy dog. He’ll sleep right beside us all night long, and it’s always one of us who gets up first – on most mornings Oliver would be happy to keep on snoozing. Anyhoo… as I prepared for my first early morning venture out with the camera in a while, Oliver and I shared a blanket and the evening together.

3-24-13 schoodic6BW

Local photographer Chad Tracy and I made the pre-dawn drive to a quiet part of Acadia National Park, the Schoodic Peninsula. The forecast was for clear skies, and although that usually doesn’t translate into a dramatic sunrise, I was just happy to be back in the saddle. Gotta love the character of the rocks in Acadia… even over in Schoodic.


20 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. lilybug1960

    Beautiful images David! Oliver will get to a point where his crate is his “safe place”. Our Lily goes in her crate when she is very tired or when she hears thunder, and we even took the door off years ago! We still crate Bailey, for her own good though. She gets bored too easy and finds trouble. She too goes into her crate as a refuge often just to get some quiet time. It breaks your heart, I know, but we always reward Bailey when she comes out.
    I sure miss those Maine coastal sunrises.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for the reassurance David. Oliver is very social, so he just loves when we sleepover with him downstairs and he gets to be out of the crate overnight. He’s soooo well behaved, but I’m not sure we want to trust him loose in the house when we’re not around just yet.

  2. I’ve read that since dogs and wolves descended from the same ancestors – cave dwelling creatures, being in a crate is in their blood, so to sppeak. And although I never heard it first hand from a dog, they actually feel safe and secure in their cave….I mean, crate. So feel no guilt.

    • David Patterson

      He goes into the crate quite willingly, and when I’ve checked on him from outside through the window, he’s totally calm and chilled. We make sure he isn’t in there for too long during the day, and at least once a week we have a sleepover where he lies beside us all night on the floor in the living room.

  3. While I have sincerely enjoyed watching you chronicle the growth and love affair with your Oliver, I have also sincerely missed these images, David…so beautiful…as always.

  4. Love your photos – and the pup is so cute. Your color photos are striking, but I also love the B/W – the depth reminds me of Ansel Adams’ style. Like a good story, it takes you there, but lets you fill in the colors for yourself. Beautiful.

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