2 Guys Photo interview


Just a quick shout out to Ed and Rey Spadoni and their “2 Guys Photo” blog. I was recently asked to participate in an online interview and share some of my photographs – the interview was published today. From their blog…

2 Guys Photo is a website dedicated to emerging photographers everywhere.  The 2 Guys are Ed and Rey, brothers living in New England (United States) who fell in love with photography as young boys and who have continued to be in love with it since.

Ed and Rey have a pretty cool blog and it would be worth your time to check them out at: http://2guysphoto.wordpress.com

I couldn’t possibly publish a blog post without a photograph, so here you go… from this morning 🙂

3-25-13 oliver1


7 thoughts on “2 Guys Photo interview

      • I found your comments about getting to know certain places well from a photography standpoint very interesting. There is something to be said for appreciating and noticing the subtle changes that occur in our own “backyards”. Very zen David. 🙂

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