Springtime? Hold on a minute…


3-20-13 oliver1

It’s mid-March. That’s right, mid-March, and we just got walloped with another foot plus of snow! Despite the fact that 7:02 a.m. on this particular morning (3/20) heralded the official start of spring in the northern hemisphere, I’m beginning to wonder if warmer weather is ever going to come our way. Oliver… he doesn’t care. He joined us in late November when it was already winter, so all the little guy has known so far is snow and more snow. As you can imagine, he was in his element when we took him for a family walk to the local golf course to check out the new snow. The powder was at least a foot deep, and more like double that in most places, but that didn’t stop Oliver from doing his thing. As much as I enjoy seeing him romp in the snow, I’m about ready for spring summer to arrive so we can go hiking in Acadia and watch him swim in the water. Bring on the warmer weather!

3-20-13 oliver3

3-20-13 oliver6

3-20-13 oliver7


18 thoughts on “Springtime? Hold on a minute…

  1. Water certainly will be a new experience for Oliver. Can’t wait to see his enjoyment then. But, careful what you wish for, you could end up with the sort of heat we had recently, the kind that melts the metal buckle on your leather belt or curls the laces in your laceup shoes; and, on top of that, we had our own tornado just yesterday in north-east Victoria, something I’ve never seen in my entire life! Caused a huge swathe of destruction. I think I’ll continue to enjoy Oliver’s escapades in the snow! Lovely pix.

    • David Patterson

      Yikes… we used to live down south in the US, and tornadoes were something that we always worried about. So destructive and so callous. Luckily up here in Maine it rarely gets too hot… not like much of the country in the summer. Still, with his gorgeous coat, I’m think Oliver might actually have a hard time staying cool.

        • David Patterson

          Don’t know how he’s going to do in the warmer weather. I can’t imagine cutting his gorgeous coat, but I also know we will want him to be comfortable. Luckily living in Maine it won’t get too hot.

  2. I think my favorite in this series is the last one. I saw that Bangor had a record snowfall for the day that you got hit with this latest storm. It has been a colder than usual winter here along the Eastern Shore of Maryland as well, but that just translates into cold rain here, not snow. BTW, due to the sequester budget cuts the Loop road in Acadia (including the summit to Cadillac) will not be open until mid May instead of opening in mid April. Not sure what that means for the Schoodic Loop Road. 😦 The smaller sections along Ocean Drives and into Jordan Pond will remain open.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. We’ve certainly had our fair share of snow this winter. I was reading about the cuts to the NPS… such a shame. I just visited Schoodic this morning for sunrise – the loop road there traditionally stays open all year round, though who knows what will happen next year.

  3. David,
    I confess that I “liked” all your posts with your beautiful pup. I’m a sucker for a good dog photo, especially when the subject is so photogenic. You capture the true essence of Oliver…even though I don’t know him personally, I can tell his character! I plan on sharing Carson, my Westie, soon. As I commented on the 2 Guys blog about you and your work, I simply want to say that I find your images and words inspiring. My wife and I nearly made it to Acadia, but a back surgery got in the way. I am so looking forward to visiting, especially after viewing your photographs. Ireland is on our travel list, too. Croatia this Spring! Although I enjoy traveling and shooting what I am privileged to visit, the best pics are those I discover everyday near home. I echo your thoughts. My photography and writing are works in progress. It helps to find insight and inspiration from others who have mastered these trades. Thanks for the lessons thus far.

    • David Patterson

      Michael… thanks so much for the very kind and thoughtful comment. Carson is such a cutie! When going through the process of deciding if we were going to get a dog, and if we did, what kind of dog would it be, we were very interested in getting a Westie. However, when we decided a dog was definitely in our future, we got impatient, and once committed, we were not prepared to wait around for a Westie litter. I literally called Oliver’s breeder on a Monday, and by Wednesday we had brought him home… so as you can see, we were anxious to get started on our dog adventure! You mentioned Croatia… good friends of mine from Ireland started visiting Croatia a few years back, and they absolutely fell in love with the country and the culture. It is a beautiful country, and they liked it so much that they are even thinking of retiring there. Have a great trip!

      • Thanks for the well wishes. Procuring a pooch is a big decision because they impact our lives almost as much as children do. We debated for quite some time in getting another dog after we lost our two companions we had for over a dozen years. Once we saw Carson in a petfinders ad, we knew he was the one….drove up to Omaha from KC to get him. Our lives haven’t been the same since. Ha!

        • David Patterson

          Agreed on the impact of bringing a dog into your life. Oliver has changed our lives so much… all for the positive of course!

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