Day two: Photographing my dog


3-16-13 Oliver8

This was the second day in a row I carried the “real” camera with me on our morning walk. The light just after sunrise was exquisite, and I wanted to use it to grab a few shots of my beautiful baby. As always, Oliver cooperated wonderfully, and I came away with some photographs of him that I really like. The cold snap we’ve been enduring of late means there’s a nice, crisp coating of frost on the ground, and more importantly, no mud to deal with!

Also, just as we were finishing our walk, we bumped into some friends who had their dog, Rudy, with them. Rudy is much bigger and older than Oliver, and it was interesting to see how more subdued Oliver was than when greeting most other dogs. Rudy quickly let Oliver know that his usual overly-effervescent self wasn’t going to be appreciated so much, but he did it in a way that was firm without being mean. Oliver is an incredibly social little thing, and he loved meeting Rudy. Here’s my baby…

3-16-13 Oliver14

3-16-13 Oliver11

3-16-13 Oliver13

3-16-13 Oliver10

3-16-13 Oliver9

3-16-13 Oliver7

3-16-13 Oliver6

3-16-13 Oliver5

3-16-13 Oliver4

3-16-13 Oliver3

26 thoughts on “Day two: Photographing my dog

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Mike. Maybe it’s just because he’s a puppy and still growing, but lately we’ve been cutting back a little bit on his food… don’t want him getting too chubby.

      • By stout I mean strong. Perhaps I should have said strong instead. Pumpkin is a big girl weighing in at 86 lbs. She used to weigh 96 but now is taking thyroid pills.

  1. Love the picture of Oliver staring back at you from the incline (hard to explain exactly which one I mean, but it’s kind of in the middle; his front feet are higher than his back feet). That is just Golden perfection!

    • David Patterson

      That photograph was made on a little ridge between golf holes where he loves to charge around through what will soon be long grass. There must be some great smells there – or he just loves the feel of the grass as he runs – so I was quite fortunate to have him pose as he did, even for a second.

    • David Patterson

      He is indeed a handsome boy, and one who loves the snow. This latest storm was hopefully the last substantial snow we’ll see for the year, though by saying that I’ve probably just jinxed us!

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