Day one: Photographing my dog


3-15-13 Oliver11

So… I finally broke out the “real” camera and carted it with me on a couple of my early morning walks with Oliver. Most of my photographs of him are made using the iPhone, and although I love the simplicity and convenience that it offers, there’s nothing like using a longer lens to create a slightly different perspective… and I love the shallow depth of field. All of the photographs in this post were made on the same morning using my Canon 5D II and a 70-200mm f4 lens – usually zoomed out to 200mm. As Oliver and I explored the local golf course, I seized the opportunity to point the camera at him every chance I got. He would wander off maybe 30-40 yards, and when I would crouch down (or lie on my belly) and point the camera at him, he would see this as a chance to charge back to me and try and steal my woolly hat. At times it almost seemed as though he was posing for me… isn’t he a handsome young dog!

3-15-13 Oliver8

3-15-13 Oliver12

3-15-13 Oliver4

3-15-13 Oliver5

3-15-13 Oliver3

3-15-13 Oliver9

19 thoughts on “Day one: Photographing my dog

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Beth. Yeah… he knows he’s not supposed to take the hat, but he does anyway when I lie down on the ground to photograph him. He sees me lying on the ground as an invitation to wrestle… fun dog πŸ™‚

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Bill… I think the longer lens adds another dimension to the photographs. I would love to try even longer, but 200mm is as far as any of my current lenses can go 😦

      • Bill Franklin

        David, the 70-200 is one of my favorite lenses, but just today I ordered a Canon 100-400, to try to get more reach on photographing birds. I have the Canon 300 f4, but it is just not getting the job done. Hopefully I can sell the 300 to help offset the cost of the new lens.

        • David Patterson

          The 70-200mm f4 is quite sharp, even fully zoomed out. I’ve heard very good things about the 300mm f4, though I can understand your desire to have a longer reach when photographing birds. Good luck with the sale/purchase.

  1. David, I think Oliver has finally grown into his feet. LOL He is such a pretty guy and I bet he knows it too. Hope you have a great Easter with your family. Take care my friend and thanks for sharing Oliver with us. Kat

    • David Patterson

      You know… his dad and mom weren’t really all that big, so I’m kinda thinking that he’s pretty close to full size already. He’ll be six months old on March 24 – can’t believe how fast time flies.

      Here’s are a couple of photographs of his dad, Henry, and his mom, Willow.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. I bet you’re not missing the Maine springtime weather, eh? We just got hit with another solid foot of the white stuff… timing meant that we have had two snow days in a row… unheard of around these parts other than when we had the big Ice Storm back in the 90’s.

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