Signs of spring


2-26-13 oliver1

The days are getting noticeably longer, and as winter starts to slowly loosen its grip, we’re starting to see signs of the landscape coming back to life. The sun is rising higher in the sky, and as long as there’s no wind blowing, you can actually feel some welcome warmth on your skin. As we walk, Oliver will cock his head curiously to the side when he sees some black crows foraging on the fairway, and even though I think he knows he can’t catch them, every now and again he’ll chase and give them a scare – I think he does it just to hear them make noise. A crisp carpet of new snow will reveal the activity of little critters from the night before, and although I’m not exactly sure what made the tracks below, Oliver’s nose is always on high alert. One of these days he’ll catch sight of a live animal that he’s going to want to chase, and when he does… oh boy! I’ve also heard that a Coyote has been prowling the golf course lately, and although we haven’t seen him, somehow I think he might have seen us! Yikes.

2-25-13 walkingwitholiver8

2-25-13 walkingwitholiver4

2-25-13 walkingwitholiver9


12 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. Andrew Thomas

    Great images here David (on the road in McDonalds south of Phoenix!)….love those 2 blue ones!
    cheers Andrew
    PS its about 85 degrees here!!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Andrew… we’re into March and it’s snowing sideways today again 😦

      You make me jealous with your stories of warm temperatures. Hope you’re having a great vacation!

    • David Patterson

      I would never have guessed that there would be coyotes at the golf course, but a neighbor who also walks her dog out there has seen one several times. Her dog, Calvin, is a big Australian Cattle dog/German Shepherd mix, so he could take care of himself, but I would definitely worry about Oliver.

    • David Patterson

      We’ll just have to be out there even earlier in the morning, but yes… we are on the lookout for an alternative. Luckily, winter up here means that the golf course is only open for play between May and October… did I just say “luckily”?

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