Our time…


2-25-13 walkingwitholiver1

It’s turning into a snowy winter here in Maine. We had yet another couple of inches overnight, and we’re expecting even more in the next few days. I never thought I’d be the one to say it, but now that I’m walking Oliver every day, I kinda like when we get a fresh covering of snow, and I know I’m going to be bummed when the spring thaw brings wet and muddy. Just the other day, I took my first ice-induced spill in maybe ten years, so my sore backside welcomes the added friction that several inches of fresh powder brings. During the work week, Oliver and I are usually out walking together on the edge of the daylight hours, either first thing in the morning, or right at the end of the day as the sun goes down. There’s a stillness to be found at these times, and it’s great to be able to share this time with Oliver. Depending on how much we meander and/or pause, we’re usually able to crank out about a mile and half in 30-40 minutes – and although the snow and ice does slow us down a bit, that’s not a bad thing, since we both enjoy the time spent together. Fun times… our time.

2-25-13 walkingwitholiver5

2-25-13 walkingwitholiver2

9 thoughts on “Our time…

  1. I see that I visit your site one day and find that you are Freshly Pressed the very next day. You’ve managed to get in both of your favorite topics – photography of costal Maine AND Oliver. Well done and well deserved!

    • David Patterson

      The snow reflects the color the sky, especially when there’s no direct sunlight. This photograph was made in the early evening just after the sun had gone down.

  2. I love to walk around sunset myself, only when it’s warm, haha. It is a very peaceful time, especially in a small town. Beautiful photos, by the way.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks it’s just a picture of the golf course where we spend so much of our time, but I did like how the light reflected on the snow, and the colors of the sun setting were pretty amazing.

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