Beach baby


2-23-13 oliversandbeach2

Few words… just more pictures of our baby from a recent visit to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. He loved the texture of the sand, and he had all sorts of new oceany smells to explore. At times he looks like a baby (he just turned 5 months old), and at other times he looks like a wise old soul… either way, he has changed so much since the day we brought him home.

2-23-13 oliversandbeach1

2-23-13 oliversandbeach3

2-23-13 oliversandbeach4

2-23-13 oliversandbeach5

2-23-13 oliversandbeach6

2-23-13 oliversandbeach7


20 thoughts on “Beach baby

  1. Cathy

    Did he stay out of the water ? Come spring he will definitely be ready to swim. I have friends at Lucerne with 2 Labs. I’ll set up a swim date come April or May! Cathy

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    • David Patterson


      He was hesitant at first about going into the little stream that flows into the ocean at the end of Sand Beach, but once he figured it out, he loved getting wet. This time around he wasn’t so sure about the waves in the ocean – but he’s still a baby after all!

  2. I so agree with you…at times he still looks like a baby other times a very ole soul!! What a gift that you can take him to the park/beach. In Florida, most of the parks you can’t take your dogs! Discrimination I say!! Stay blessed with your furry baby.

    • David Patterson

      Carol… he just turned five months old, and although people said he would row up fast, we weren’t prepared for just how fast that would happen.

  3. Geez, you are almost making me forget all the mounds of dog hair that comes with these adorable babies and make me want another puppy. I already have one great hairy beast that I adore but there is always room for another one…right? Oliver is growing in leaps and bounds…must be all the love you give him! great captures too!

    • David Patterson

      He’s hairy for sure, and I don’t know what we are going to do with him during “mud season” here in Maine. Should be interesting 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Feels like it, especially when trying to lift him in and out of the car – he’s still a little iffy on climbing in and out and also on stairs.

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