Rules… what rules?


2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach7

I’m the guy who would always shake his head and mutter expletives under his breath when he saw dog owners ignore the rules and let their pets run free on Sand Beach in Acadia National Park… how inconsiderate of them! Dogs aren’t allowed on Sand Beach in the summer, but they are in the winter… as long as they are leashed. Technically Oliver was leashed – at least for a while – when Lori, Jack, Oliver and I visited Acadia today for the first time in months, but truth be told, for a big chunk of time, we were the ones who were breaking the rules.

2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach4

Oliver absolutely LOVED his first time on the beach. He seemed to really enjoy the texture of the sand, and despite the fact it was February in Maine, he wasn’t shy about getting his feet wet in the frigid water of the outlet stream at the far end of the beach. His nose was constantly on high alert, with tasty strings of seaweed top of his list of things to sample. We only met a couple of people the entire time we were on the beach, but I did make a point of asking each of them if they cared that Oliver was off his leash… every single time they said they didn’t mind, and in fact, as you can imagine, he was quite the center of attention.

2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach2

Jack and Oliver had a great time chasing each other along the shore, and our time spent on the beach was a nice change of pace from the icy fairways of the local golf course. It was also fun to be able to combine several of my favorite things into one photographic subject, and methinks this won’t be the last time Oliver visits Acadia.

2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach3

2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach1

2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach5

2-23-13 oliverandjacksandbeach6


30 thoughts on “Rules… what rules?

  1. Lovely pictures once again… and I agree – if you are the only one at the beach… who cares about rules then… different story in summer I know. We always went up north to the beach in winter when there was only us around – so Finn could run…

    • David Patterson

      I totally get why the rules are in place, and I would never bring him there in the summer. Glad we went there yesterday though.

  2. David,
    Jack and Oliver look so happy playing on the beach and with no people on there to hinder their progress they have no rules and neither do you for that matter. It looks a boy and his dog are having the time of their lives playing and running like there is no tomorrow. Thank you again for sharing your lives and your family with us. Kat

  3. I love the way your photos show the joy and love between Jack and Oliver – both young and older boys in your family have fallen in love with that dog 😉
    My favorite is the last shot – so full of speed!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Truels. Jack is beginning to form a strong bond with Oliver, and I’m sure when Sam gets back from his semester studying abroad he will too.

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