What a difference a day makes


2-17-13 oliver3

Another winter day in Maine and another blizzard blowing through. Not as much snow this time around – nothing like what we got from Nemo a few weeks ago – but the winds this time were pretty brutal. That wasn’t going to stop Oliver and I from taking our daily walk at the local golf course though. The wind was whipping along the open fairways and it was actually quite difficult to make any kind of forward progress at times. Oliver didn’t seem to mind though, in fact, he especially loved burrowing his nose into the deep drifts that had accumulated on the back side of the tee boxes. Just in case, we didn’t stay out too long, and the warm kitchen floor back home never felt so good.

2-18-13 oliver2

A day later and the grey skies that have been with us for what has seemed like an eternity temporarily gave way to some bright sunshine and blue skies. Though the winds were still blowing through at a decent clip, having the sun on our faces made the morning feel much more bearable. The temperatures were still frigid when I made these photographs, so frigid that I learned my iPhone battery doesn’t like the cold. It died right after making these last two photographs – made in almost exactly the same spot as the two at the top of the post from yesterday, and boy, what a difference a day makes!

2-18-13 oliver1


15 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Shelley

    Oh I love this so. I live in Calgary with an 8 year old Golden PUPPY…. Your stories of Oliver are so heartwarming – the pictures stunning. Thanks for this! Made my day. Shelley

  2. isn’t it amazing how having a dog and taking walks really brings one into contact with Mother Nature and all her fickle faces? It’s the gift given for taking a furry friend into one’s heart and home. I guess you could call it a bonus.

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