Post Nemo


2-10-13 oliver6

Nothing much to see here. Move along now… unless you’re interested in seeing photographs of Oliver playing in two feet of snow! Winter storm Nemo breezed through Maine yesterday leaving behind a solid layer of snow with drifts that went as deep as three or four feet. Due to a lack of snowshoes, and a lack of leg length on the part of Oliver, our familiar walk on the local golf course was changed dramatically since we couldn’t get very far in the deep, fresh powder. As you can see, the kid is totally in his element when playing in the snow, and although this visit was shorter than normal, the conditions exhausted him to the point where he is now blissfully sleeping the afternoon away.

2-10-13 oliver4

2-10-13 oliver2

2-10-13 oliver1

2-10-13 oliver5

2-10-13 oliver3


27 thoughts on “Post Nemo

    • David Patterson

      Lucky for you then David. I just happened to have my camera with me as we explored the snow covered golf course, and although I don’t usually share pictures of my dog, I figured what the hey, someone might enjoy seeing Oliver 😉

  1. I especially love the second picture — the goofy ears and fantastic grin that shows how much he is enjoying the adventure. Wonderful pictures. Our dog, Grace, isn’t nearly as happy frolicking in the frozen tundra — she much prefers a warm sunbeam hitting her from the comfort of our sofa!

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