Man’s best friend


2-9-13 snowblower

No… not the dog… the snowblower… at least it is when you get hit by a snowstorm the magnitude of Nemo. Here in Maine, the storm is finally clearing out, having provided us with 24 hours of heavy wind and blowing snow. Luckily we didn’t lose power, though I’m sure there are lots of folks who weren’t so fortunate. We all pretty much just hunkered down for the day and waited for the worst to pass.

2-9-13 oliver1

I believe we ended up getting a solid 15-20 inches, though because of the significant drifting, it’s quite hard to tell for sure. We have patches of ground that are barely covered, and then we have huge swathes of snow where the strong winds have built drifts that are more than five feet high. I’ve not seen this type of result from a storm before… it truly did bring blizzard conditions where, depending on which way your door was facing, you might have had some trouble even getting outside!

2-9-13 oliver2

How much snow did we finally get? Though difficult to determine accurately, there is one standard measurement I can always rely on… that’s by how deep the city plow truck buries us. We live on a corner lot, so by the time the plow has swung around to where our driveway is, there’s usually quite a heaping of snow that gets dumped. The deposit from this storm was at least four feet high and what would have been a back-breaking fifteen feet deep… if it wasn’t for my best friend. Even with the snowblower cranking though, it still took more than two hours to clear the driveway and the sidewalk. Speaking of best friends… Oliver is once again in his element enjoying the snow – and then a warm cuddle on the kitchen floor.

2-9-13 oliver3


4 thoughts on “Man’s best friend

    • David Patterson

      We’re kind of used to the snow so a foot and a half isn’t that big of a deal around here. Oliver is growing up, isn’t he?

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