My new favorite photograph


2-4-13 jackandoliver1

The last time I declared I had a new favorite photograph it was a landscape image of the famous round rocks on Boulder Beach below Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park. And although I still very much like that image, especially the moodiness generated by the black and white processing, I am hereby declaring that I have a new, new favorite photograph! Can I tell you a secret though? You see… I have this addiction. I can’t seem to shake it, and it’s getting to the point where I think I might have a problem. No matter how I try (and I don’t try very hard), I can’t stop photographing our newest family member, Oliver. The only thing better than photographing Oliver… is photographing Oliver with Jack. Here are a couple more favorite photographs of two of my boys…

2-4-13 jackandoliver2

2-4-13 jackandoliver5

2-4-13 jackandoliver4

2-4-13 jackandoliver3

2-4-13 jackandoliver6


11 thoughts on “My new favorite photograph

  1. What a cutie pie! I can understand – I love taking photos of my own Golden Retriever Murphy. He is almost 2 and yet he still has that puppy attitude. I find Goldens are so photogenic! Such cute photos!

  2. David, I love these pictures with Jack and Oliver especially the one where Jack and Oliver are on the floor and Oliver is cuddling with Jack with his paw on jack’s back….cute very very cute. I have to add these to my favorite ‘s too. Kat

    • David Patterson

      Kat… thanks. I love that one too. Oliver cuddled in beside Jack, and as usual, he then wanted a little extra loving.

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