Can you say chilly!


1-23-13 weather

So… the upcoming weekend is a big deal.

First of all, it’s my birthday again, though to be honest, as the years fly by I don’t really consider it to be that important anymore. The real significance, however, is in that right around this date every year, the average temperatures in Maine hit a seasonal low, and more importantly, they then start to rise again!

Initially, any change in temperature might not be that noticeable, and I am under no illusion that winter is ending anytime soon, but still, it’s a big deal. This whole week looks like it will be colder than cold, and even as we get ready to transition into February and hopefully “warmer” average temperatures, I have no doubt that we’ll be plunged right back into another deep freeze before long. However, much like how I derive comfort from the ever so slightly longer days after the winter solstice, the fact that the mercury will be on the rise again… that matters!

This morning’s temperature bottomed out at a quite delightful -20 degrees Celsius (that’s -4 F), so as you might imagine, I debated even taking Oliver out for a walk. Pre-dog days, the possibility of me venturing outside in such frigid winter weather was absolutely non-existent, but now… well, who could resist that cute little face and that busy little tail wagging from side to side?

The low-angled sun was bright, though not warm in the least, as we embarked on our arctic stroll up and down a couple of the local golf course fairways. Though much shorter than normal due to the potential for frostbite from the windchill, our walk was brisk, and as always, the kid had a ball. The bitter cold didn’t seem to bother him one bit. Me… I’m looking forward to the weekend and the beginning of the slow but welcome temperature climb toward warmer weather.

1-23-13 oliver1

30 thoughts on “Can you say chilly!

  1. We woke to 14 degrees and I thought long and hard about going out. Did finally make it to the gym. Yeah me. I remember the days when walking the dog was not optional. Bet he enjoyed it and thanks for not dressing him in people clothes. He was born with a beautiful coat.

  2. I am just South of Boston, and it is 6F and a wind chill of -7F, and I thought that was cold! My electric Blanket is heating up and awaiting my arrival…Stay Warm my friend!

  3. Inspired and pretty

    Happy birthday, a day late 🙂
    Today, where I live, it was -26°C, and with the wind chill factor, -32°C. I didn’t went for a walk with my Winny, it’s way too cold for me ! And forget about taking photos outside !

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Jocelyn. Looks like we might be warming up just a little over the weekend – could even get up to a balmy -9C 🙂

      It was so cold that I only made one photograph of Oliver on our walk. I could hardly hold my phone/camera steady enough, and it didn’t take long for my fingers to start aching. Oliver… no worries. I think he would have stayed out all morning (as long as we were moving).

      • Inspired and pretty

        Same thing for my dog. He doesn’t seem to mind the cold weather but he has a thick undercoat. I think golden retrievers have an undercoat too ?

  4. After looking at the -20 on your phone and thinking it was farenheit, -4 doesn’t seem so cold. I walked Marcos, old as he is, in 10 degrees yesterday and -8 this morning and he didn’t seem to mind. I put his coat on him and he was fine, though not all fired up like he used to be on cold mornings. Oliver has many fun years ahead of him to enjoy the cold. You too, which brings me around to sayingHappy Birthday.

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