Hook, line, and sinker…



I’ll admit it now. Despite the apparent love-fest we’ve had with this little guy over the past 6 weeks, there have been times when we seriously questioned if we’d made a good decision to bring a dog into our home. We did our homework. We researched the pros and cons of dog “ownership” probably more than most, but still, as reality set in, those first few weeks of caring for Oliver were definitely challenging.

Lori and I both had dogs in our lives when we were much younger, but that was when we were kids and our parents were the ones responsible for taking care of the family pet. We’ve had cats of our own – incredibly self-sufficient cats I might add – since we were married almost 25 years ago, but that experience did little to prepare us for sharing our home with a baby dog.

From day one though, Oliver has been the perfect puppy. He was potty trained in two days, and he now rings the bell hanging on the door when he wants to go to the bathroom. He has slept through the night from day one, and he brings nothing but joy and happiness to our family. He is remarkably smart, and a very quick learner. But still… caring for a puppy is a huge commitment, and despite those early doubts about whether or not we could handle raising him (and my ongoing probable allergy to his hair), it’s time to admit it… we have fallen 100% hook, line, and sinker for this little guy.










25 thoughts on “Hook, line, and sinker…

  1. Judy and I had the same experience with Pumpkin when we brought her home. There were times when we were overwhelmed and questioned our decision. It gets much easier as time goes on and they mellow out a bit. Oliver will give you years of pure joy, and your choice of breed was perfect. Wonderful photos, as always.

    • David Patterson


      Thanks for the reassurance. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks since Oliver came home, but we’re starting to get into a routine now.

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… he’s definitely got the looking cute thing down pat, and he’s already showing tremendous affection for everyone in the family… especially those who feed him 🙂

  2. Brilliant write up – he will bring joy into your life… and one of those unforgetable moments (in my case when Finn went swimming for the first time) will make up for anything else… they are just brilliant and I admire you for bringing up the courage to take on such a task…

    • David Patterson

      Thank you. We’re definitely cherishing those “first times” with Oliver, and can’t wait to see him go swimming for the first time this summer.

  3. What a team you two are! The “expressions on his face” – you’ve captured them perfectly. As he runs throughthe snow i can hear him yell “whoppee”.
    I know what you mean about pondering if a acquiring a dog will change your lifestyle as you know it. I went throughit before adopting Marcos, although he was far beyond puppydom.
    For me, as it seems for you and your family he has changed it indeed – in ways you could not foresee.

    • David Patterson

      I love walking with Oliver off the leash. He obviously loves the freedom he feels. We’re still trying to figure out the “walking politely” on the leash bit, but I’m sure he’ll get it soon. Life around here has definitely changed since Oliver arrived, and it will never be the same again 🙂

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