This guy loves the snow. He also loves going to the local golf course. There’s so much room to run and play, and he’s always likely to meet a new friend. Today we met Rosie, a 3 year old Golden Retriever who was very excited to say hello to Oliver. Needless to say, Oliver was quite excited to see her too!


This was a good test for his recall training too. If it’s just Oliver and us, he comes every single time we call, but with a fun distraction like Rosie in the picture, I wondered how he would respond. No worries. After they had played for a while, I walked about fifteen yards away, and when I called Oliver to come, he did so awesomely! Two trips to the golf course in one day to play in the fresh snow obviously tired the little man out. Here he is curled up on the floor enjoying the warmth of the kitchen… and probably dreaming about meeting more dogs at the golf course!

1-16-13 oliveratrest


4 thoughts on “Fore…

  1. Catherine Cox

    We should get my Lab, Libby, the Wellington’s Lab, Wilson and Oliver together at the GC . I guarantee they will all be tired when they are done.

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