Thinking of changing the name of my blog…



…to the life and times of Oliver. Just kidding…. sort of. Photography, family and friends… that’s been the tag line of this blog since I started sharing a couple of years ago, although most recently everything seems to have been focused on Oliver, the new family dog. Truth be told, I am getting the itch to get out with the camera again to photograph the beautiful Maine winter landscape, but until that itch grows strong enough to make me forget about the frigid pre-dawn temperatures, I’m going to settle for more of the “family” aspect of the original blog tagline. I’m hoping that those of you who follow this blog in anticipation of my landscape photographs of Maine will indulge me?


As you can probably tell… he’s a happy little soul. He walks politely on the leash when there are two people with him, although he also just recently started to enjoy walking solo with only one of us. Although we live a mere half mile or so from the golf course, Oliver doesn’t seem quite ready to make the walk there, especially since while we’re there we expend so much energy. We’ll eventually get to the point where we don’t need a ride there, but in the meantime, he does love to visit, and I swear if I even mention the golf course, he charges straight for the car as soon as we go outside. After walking a couple of hundred yards onto the property, we feel pretty comfortable letting him off the leash. He’ll venture maybe twenty yards away at most before stealing a glance back over his shoulder to make sure we’re still there and close by. Combined with his recent recall training – and a bag full of yummy treats – he always comes back when called, and while there, he has a grand time running, smiling, chasing, fetching, exploring, and finding sticks to chew on! If you need a little dose of non-Oliver photographs, check out my landscape gallery site at:



21 thoughts on “Thinking of changing the name of my blog…

  1. I was wondering if you were going to call it “Oliver in Acadia.” 🙂

    Will be here, enjoying the puppy photography and awaiting the previous, typical fare….

  2. “I’m hoping that those of you who follow this blog in anticipation of my landscape photographs of Maine will indulge me?”

    I’d be one of those! My family is up beyond Portland in Lewiston, and I can only imagine what those shots would be like. Anywhere in that large state, with that amount of snow, the pictures look great. With or without the pooch! -but I’d say the shots WITH him still capture an incredible background…

  3. David I have been following your enjoyment with Oliver past weeks since you brought him home, and I can attest you and your family will have much enjoyment with Oliver. Soon you and he will be spending many hours traveling with you in the field!

    I have owned two Golden Retrievers and they make great companions. This past your alone Maya has traveled over 10,000 miles with me while doing wildlife and nature photography…:-) Granted while photographing Bobcats she isn’t allowed….:-) But many times she is my second set of eyes!

    This is one of my favorite photos that I snapped of Maya as pup…


    P.S. great read if you haven’t read it yet, Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

    • David Patterson

      Dale… Maya is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. We are very much looking forward to having Oliver tag along on our outdoor activities. He’s already showing signs of being a great walking companion, and he’s an awesome car rider too. Thanks for the resource suggestion too… I’ll have to check it out.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Mark. He’s a stocky little guy, though we’re not so sure how tall he is going to be. Neither of his parents were especially big… they are gorgeous… but not large dogs.

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