A landscape photograph… sort of



So, in case you hadn’t noticed, most of my photography efforts lately have been focused pretty much on one thing… that’s right, Oliver the new family dog. I’ve been enjoying my new iPhone – and all of the camera apps I have downloaded – as I document how quickly Oliver is growing. Until recently, I haven’t had much desire to break out the “real” camera and go in search of any pretty landscape images, and I’ve been more than happy to experiment with the handy dandy little camera that is also my phone. I’m the guy you would think has never owned a camera before now… the guy shooting his food, his dog, his kids… you name it and I’m photographing it!

1-6-13 tree

Anyway, despite being tempted to visit Acadia this past weekend on a landscape photography adventure, the early start, sub-feezing temperatures, and an additional inch and a half of snow that fell somewhat dampened my enthusiasm. So, instead of spending time in Acadia, we settled for a visit to the local golf course with you know who… and that’s where I made a landscape photograph… sort of. While Oliver was doing his thing, I noticed this solitary tree standing tall in the falling snow. And since I had my iPhone/camera with me… here’s the result.


15 thoughts on “A landscape photograph… sort of

    • David Patterson

      I know… I don’t think I’ve even had half a dozen phone calls. I bought it for all sorts of reasons other than the phone.

    • David Patterson

      I especially like that I have the iPhone (and therefore a camera) with me all the time. That’s one of his favorite toys, though anything tennis ball related works for this kid!

    • David Patterson

      Agreed. Some people laugh off the iPhone and things like Instagram… I’m loving them, and enjoy having a camera with me all of the time.

  1. Inspired and pretty

    Beautiful photos David. I love the tree, love the tones and the vignette. When I take photos with my Android, I’m always disappointed. Even though I tried changing the settings, the photos are not very good. Are these straight out of your iPhone without any processing in Photoshop ? If so, maybe I should use an iPhone instead of an Android !

    • David Patterson


      In decent light the iPhone does pretty well, but as with most phone cameras it doesn’t do so well in low light. The tree photograph was given a little Instagram filter – love how they can impact an image.

  2. I like the tree image a lot…reminds me of a couple of our snow-covered golf courses here in SLC, they seem to be a favorite gathering spot for the Canada Geese…and it’s always hard not to stop in traffic to take some quick photos of them….

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