Where did the puppy go?



Oliver is growing and changing every day. He gets bigger every day. He gets sweeter every day. He gets naughtier every day. He gets more handsome every day. He looks more and more like a dog, and less and less like a puppy every day. He’s also getting big enough to where everything on tables and countertops – which were previously too high for him to get to – is now extremely interesting, and more significantly, reachable. Needless to say, we’ve been having some new conversations about good behavior while in the house, and we’re having to really re-think where we leave stuff. This is getting interesting…


30 thoughts on “Where did the puppy go?

  1. Cathy Cox

    Love reading your posts about Oliver. Now you understand the intense love I have for my Lab, Libby. Lib still at almost 6 will counter surf if I leave her home when she thinks she should have been allowed to join me.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Cathy. I’m definitely beginning to understand the whole “love your dog” thing (which before Oliver I admittedly didn’t get). Libby sounds like one cool dog.

  2. Oh My Goodness!! How did that happen so quick!! He is absolutely delightful though and you can see he has a beautiful (but cheeky) nature. I’m always happy to see humans loving animals thanks for being so great to him.

    • David Patterson

      It’s like having a kid… every stage he goes through is new and exciting, and our love for him just keeps building.

    • David Patterson

      Sean… yeah, I think he’s going to be a big dog – sooner rather than later as well. Sometimes I just shake my head at his silliness.

  3. He is beautiful and growing so fast! My two big boys – both black labs – are not purposefully naughty. It’s just that everything on coffee tables gets swept off by wagging tails! Just wait!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lynda. There’s no doubt with this guy… he definitely has a cheeky streak in him. If we drop anything on the floor, he immediately grabs it and takes off like he’s just stolen something and doesn’t want to get caught!

  4. My husband and I have lost loaves (as in plural!) of bread by leaving them on the counter, even pushed all the way back against the wall. Actually, since I moved to Oklahoma City, three loaves of bread and a package of tortillas have mysteriously disappeared. IN SIX MONTHS. Invest in food storage.

  5. Oliver is so Stinking Cute! He really has grown up, but Spring he will transform from his current Man Puppy version into a very handsome Man dog! I just want to hug and kiss him! Sorry he is THAT cute!

  6. marialla

    Yes, when those little ones grow, it is interesting and sad at the same time – much like visiting loved ones far away, always the sorrow of good-bye and the joy of hello. How my friend always says be happy at each stage as usually, it is the best time – little beings, little problems; big beings, big problems. Dogs may not be people but they sure do know act like them either in good times ore not so good times. Your dog is beautiful. Love him for all your worth. I remember our Polka ( a dalmation) who when you hugged him, it felt like you hugged a man. Thank you for your piece.

    • David Patterson

      I learned with the boys to really appreciate and enjoy each stage of their growth and development, and I think it’ll be the same with Oliver. He’s already worked his way into our hearts no matter what… and we’re enjoying every moment with him.

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