Somebody likes the snow!



The snow at the local golf course had drifted so deep in places that it was up to my thigh, but that didn’t stop our little adventurer. Oliver is still light enough on his big padded feet where he doesn’t always sink down into the snow. We humans… not so lucky. On a picture postcard winter day, I grabbed a few shots of Oliver enjoying the most recent snow.


Lately we’ve been working on teaching Oliver to “come” on command, and when indoors where there’s no danger of him running away, he’s the perfect student. Today though, we gave him a much bigger test, one that I’m proud to say he passed with flying colors.Β We waited until any distractions from other dogs, cross country skiers, or the snowmobiler grooming the trails were gone, and about halfway down the fairway of the first hole, we let him loose!


I would wade through the snow to a spot maybe 30 yards or so from him, and then Lori and Jack would let him off the leash. Camera in hand and aiming at his yumminess, I would call him to come to me… and boy did he ever! He energetically bounded toward me through the immaculate snow, and any concerns we had about him running away soon vanished as we realized that – at least in these conditions – his little legs weren’t going to get him too far.


Three or four runs later and the poor little guy was gassed, and even though it was sunny, we didn’t want to keep him out in the 25 degree temperatures too long. His gorgeous hairy coat was covered in balls of ice, and he was definitely showing signs of slowing down. He is fast becoming a hefty little guy, and trust me… there’s no better way to confirm that than by carrying him back to the car while sinking knee deep in powdery snow!


Oliver seems genuinely happy to be a part of our family, and trust me… we all feel the same way about him. He’s really growing into himself, and who can resist that sweet smile. The past two winter storms have coated the Maine landscape in a wintry blanket… one that Oliver obviously enjoys. Happy New Year!



34 thoughts on “Somebody likes the snow!

      • We haven’t had any real snow yet in the south East of England.. hoping we get some, as I want to see how my two react to snow for the first time.

        • David Patterson

          We’ve got plenty to share! We arrived home from our New York trip to 15 inches of snow, and a day later the weatherman predicted an additional 1-3 inches – we woke up to another 15 inches! Gorgeous dogs on your blog by the way.

  1. Oliver is such a cutie! Wish he could have a play date with Kirby. I have been socializing him like crazy but he still has a fear of bigger dogs, I think if he had a buddy like Oliver to grow up with that would be really cool!

    • David Patterson

      This kid isn’t shy. He greets every dog and every person and every thing the same way… with excitement and love. We truly are lucky… he’s a gentle little soul.

  2. Happy New Year to you David. Loved this series of Oliver in the snow…however, I’m glad you have the snow and not us. I am still very partial to warm weather. So far we have had a couple of freezing mornings and now I’m ready for some warm weather.

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… I’m not so much of a fan of the snow and cold weather myself, but if you choose to live in northern New England, you’ve gotta expect some winter weather! Roll on the springtime πŸ™‚

  3. Somehow I messed up my password and was not able to comment on here for so long. Tonight I’m trying it again because I just couldn’t keep quiet when I saw these gorgeous shots of Oliver. Incredible!

  4. Luke Heikkila

    beautiful pictures. I’m trying to pick up some photography tips, could you share which camera/lens you’re using here?

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Luke. Most of my photographs of Oliver have been shot with an iPhone, but these were shot using a Canon 5D II and a 70-200mm lens. I wanted to “freeze” the action with a pretty fast shutter speed, so I chose f4 and iso 200 – knowing how sunny and bright it was, I then just let the camera give me the shutter speed that would provide a “correct” exposure. Most of these were shot with a shutter speed of at least 1/800th of a second. The camera wanted to render the snow grey, so I also “upped” what the camera’s meter thought the correct exposure should be by one stop. Don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of any more help.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Gail. We’ve yet to see a dirty dog… I guess when the snow leaves and springtime arrives we’ll have to deal with that.

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